Warrior-- Sword Master

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Warrior-- Sword Master

Post  MyDaisy on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:52 pm

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Advantages: Their attack speed is faster than axes and hammers. Their common attacks will bring stiff effects to monsters. Aside from that, they have many continuous skills, gorgeous combos, strong survival ability in a nest instance and can interrupt monsters’ skill.

Disadvantages: They have a small area of effect and low damage output (Monsters in Dragon Nest have much higher physical defense than magical defense).With all melee skills, sword masters are unable to cope with a group of monsters. Their magical skills cannot deal enough damage, either.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low (High Middle Low)
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars (5 Stars in total)
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 2 Stars (Sword Masters without shields are always the target of the opponent)
Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
Total Stars: 12
Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle

Position in a Group: They are pioneers of a group instead of main damage dealers. Aiding archers and sorceresses, they often assault remote magical monsters. They can even levitate enemies. It is recommended they use physical parry. PK fans can train both physical and magical skills.

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