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Advantages: They deal the highest damage in the early stage. Their puncture and AOE attacks together with long range allow players to enjoy the excitement of dealing massive damage and handle a PK easily. In the later period, their DPS is almost equivalent to Elemental Lords’. They also take the role of containing a boss’ hatred.

Disadvantages: Although bow masters have good skills, easy controls and excel at map challenge and PK, they don’t have any counterattack skills, so they cannot fight back as long as enemies get close. If they are encircled by a group of enemies, they are bound to die. As it takes them a long time to cast physical skills, they are easily assaulted. In comparison with other classes, they have lower HP and physique, thus they need good equipment.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 3 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 16
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: They can be considered as movable cannons with lasting high damage in the rear of a group. They are responsible for stimulating a boss’ hatred, because they deal massive damage and are far from the boss. It is safer for them to do that. It is recommended that they transfer to the magical school after they get excellent equipment.

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