Sorceress- Element Lord

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Sorceress- Element Lord

Post  MyDaisy on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:01 am

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Advantages: They have the highest DPS in Dragon Nest. A strong elemental lord means a DPS dealer in instance. Having various slowdown and debuff skills, they can deal with various classes. They are an entertaining class with a variety of combined skills. They are also main DPS dealers in Group PK, their flash dodge and forceful flash dodge help them run away from a battlefield quickly.

Disadvantages: They have a short attack range and most of their skills are melee ones, so they are required to possess stronger controls and consciousness than melee classes. Having weak survival ability, they are more likely to attract bosses if they don’t control hatred well. Additionally, they have few dodge and escape skills, they may die easily.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 4 Stars
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 4 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 16
Popularity in Teaming up: Upper-middle

Position in a Group: They are placed in an awkward position. Regardless of PK or challenging maps, they should stand in the rear, but they have to get close to enemies to cast skills and control DPS output. Briefly, they should slower the opponent from the rear and seize an opportunity to move forward and deal damage. Players can gain pleasure from both melee and magical combats. It is recommended that they pay main attention to fire element and take ice element as the secondary one. Elemental lords are not as powerful as Bow Masters even if they have a good command of the ice element.

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