Sorceress- Force User

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Sorceress- Force User

Post  MyDaisy on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:02 am

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Advantages: They have a variety of diversionary skills which can be cast upon bosses in a nest, in addition to a large area of effect. Therefore, force users are the most popular with groups while challenging a large nest. Their MP recovery skill is in demand most. Furthermore, their time-pause skill can be a decisive factor in Group PK.

Disadvantages: Although force users cause massive damage in challenging maps. Their ability in Single PK is not strong enough. More often than not, they often avoid frontal conflict, and escape until the opponent is in cooldown, only at that time do they release skills. However, if two sides run away, the PK will end in a draw unlimitedly.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 3 Stars
Group PK: 5 Stars
Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
Total Stars: 18
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: No matter in map challenge or Group PK, they act as controllers and damage dealers. At present, most groups need force users, especially their MP recovery skill. Thus, they take the role of helping recovering MP in the later stage.

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