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Cleric- Priest

Post  MyDaisy on Tue Oct 18, 2011 12:03 am

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Advantages: Priests are the only class capable of mastering various healing skills, boosting attack and defense and removing diverse debuffs. Meanwhile, they can use another kind of power- Light Element by worshiping Light God, so they also have DPS output. Moreover, they have high defense and physique, parry skill and strong survival ability, so they can challenge the Abyss instance on their own.

Disadvantages: All of their skills are used to recover HP and buff. Therefore, they will let players down in Single PK. However, in Group PK, they can do nothing but help recover HP and cast holy aurora or anything else.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 2 Stars
Group PK: 2 Stars
Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: They are famous for aiding. Naturally, they will take on the role of assistants. Find a proper position and seize an opportunity to cast holy aurora, they will also deal massive damage. Note that priests should dedicate to aiding skills, or else nobody will team them up. Please invite priests to your group as frequently as possible, after all you will lose lives easily without them. Priests are indeed a selfless class.

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