Archer- Acrobat

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Archer- Acrobat

Post  MyDaisy on Mon Oct 17, 2011 11:55 pm

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Advantages: Their agile manipulation and nimble moves can be felt through jumps and attacks at the beginning of the game. They have the most counter-escape skills, splendid combo skills and strong survival ability in map challenge and Group PK. Their acceleration skills (Speed up attack and skill-casting) are awesome to a group while challenging a map. They even have the highest critical strike rate when their agility reaches a high level.

Disadvantages: Compared with Bow Masters, they deal less damage and have a smaller area of effect. They are easily interrupted while releasing spells and attacks as a result of their long range. They are a class mainly depending on equipment and controls, because they have few damaging and diversionary skills. Good equipment can compensate for little damage, while bad equipment nearly doesn’t cause any damage.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
Single PK: 5 Stars
Group PK: 3 Stars
Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: Middle

Position in a Group: Similar to Elemental Lords, most of their skills are melee ones, which are effective in the face of a single boss. In the later stage, if they have good equipment, they can also deal massive damage in challenging maps as well as a single boss. With high maneuverability and variability, they are a class that can be strengthened by equipment and controls.

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