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Advantages: They are a melee class having the best defense and physique, the most parry skills, unique invincible skills, high damage, a healing skill, the strongest survival ability and the fastest attack speed. In Group PK, they can pin down 2-3 enemies and launch counterattacks in the enemy rear. They can also deal with various opponents and keep alive in a Single PK.

Disadvantages: They are deficient in AOE skills and are easy to levitate enemies. They are not popular in challenging maps except exploring a nest. It is a bit boring to train paladins in the beginning. They are short of diversionary and chase skills. Fighting against them is more likely to end in a draw, unless you are very strong.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
Single PK: 3 Stars
Group PK: 4 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle
Popularity in Nest Exploration and Nest of High Difficulty: High

Position in a Group: Don’t punch monsters randomly while challenging a map in a group. They have the ability to resist bosses. They are a nightmare for enemies in Group PK, for they often hobble enemies and disturb their rear. They are advised to lay stress on defensive skills in the later period.

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